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The computer have become a sine-quo-non tool for day-to-day activities of business, ministries/parastatals and/or organizations that wants to succeed and compete effectively in the 21st century.
The advent of the internet and networking has redefined business in organizations from what it is used to be. Companies/organizations are saddled with so many responsibilities and duties on a day-to-day basis and the ability to deliver ontime at 0% defect has become the yearning of most ministries and services oriented organizations. In the light of this development, any individual or organizations that chooses to be relevant and productive in this information age must identify with this 21st century technology and challenges.

Information technology has provided several tools and solutions to help the 21st century complaint ministers and managers to efficiently perform their responsibilities and achieve optimum productivity in terms of volume and quality.

Promsec International Concepts Limited ICT Resource Centre has therefore re-packged the Certificate and Diploma in computer programmes to help train individuals/workers in parastatals/organizations even ministers of the Gospel, Pastors/Prophet/Prayer Warriors/Nurses/Doctors etc on how to achieve at their optimum using lastest technologies and tools.

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Truth be told, it was challenging setting up Promsec International Concepts Limited, but the journey so far has been worth it.

Chinyere Nwachukwu
Managing Director, Promsec Int'l Concepts Ltd

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