Computer Training

Literally moving at the speed of light, information technology is leaving many behind…That is why our computer programmes are developed in such a way as to provide individuals and businesses with the skills that will be relevant in today’s/tomorrow’s world.

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Promotion of Seminars and Trainings

An amazing vision by the founder of this company who is committed to imparting lives, we are partnering with experts in various fields of endeavours to provide trainings that will help individuals become self-employed, employable or have a second stream of income.

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Web Design

In creating websites, we have our eyes on both our clients and in turn their clients and customers…For our clients, we help them create affordable websites in line with their industry, business models or any other specific needs; for their clients, we ensure that the finished website is user-friendly, adaptable to most devices and eye-catching.

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Graphic Design

“First impressions”, they say, “go a long way”. Promsec is helping small businesses ensure that they get the much needed brand identity and differentiation through company logos, letterheads, business card designs and other specialised designs.

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Business Centre

Everyday, people walk into our premises to make photocopy, type, print & scan documents, browse etc. and they always leave with a smile…The reason is not far-fetched; we have combined pleasant & helpful staff, top-notch facilities and a conducive environment for the people most important to us – our customers.

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Computer Based Testing Centre

In line with Promsec’s drive for innovation and technology, we have started the process of helping small firms run computer based tests for job applicants and other screening exercises such as admission screening by schools for incoming students.

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Proof Reading Services

Thinking of publishing a book?…let Promsec help you with the gruesome task of fishing out grammatical errors and typing mistakes all at a small fee.

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Creation of Ebooks

With the advent of Amazon and other eBooks marketing platforms, you too can have your ebook on such platforms…Let Promsec help you create eye-catching eBooks for use as novels, poetry, plays, cookbooks, personal development books etc.

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how can we help you?

Contact us at the Consulting WP office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

Truth be told, it was challenging setting up Promsec International Concepts Limited, but the journey so far has been worth it.

Chinyere Nwachukwu
Managing Director, Promsec Int'l Concepts Ltd

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